Get-Your-Kid-to-the-Dentist | Silverman Family Dentistry

A visit to the dentist is one of the things kids dread most, no matter how friendly the team at the dental clinic is. Many parents give bribes such as “If you do not cry or full, you will get a lollipop,” but this only makes the child think, “What is so bad about the visit to the dentist that I might cry or fuss?” There are several things you could tell your kids to make them love the family dentist.

Tell the kids about the importance of good oral hygiene. You should teach your kids that visiting the dentist’s clinic is not a choice, but a necessity. Explain such things as how strong teeth allow for proper chewing and how cavities could lead to the infection of the gum.

Even as you prepare your kid for some discomfort, tell him/her that failure to get teeth checked would result in even greater discomfort. Explain how cavities are painful and how the gaps left after pulling out teeth are unsightly.

Talk to your kids about the importance of a good smile. Tell them that human beings are visual creatures and we are judged based on how we look. Tell them that a good smile will increase their chances of landing a good job and of even attracting the opposite sex. A good smile creates a lasting impression and is good for self confidence. Show your kids pictures of people who have good teeth and of people who have bad teeth and you might be surprised that it is your kids prompting you to visit the dentist.

If your kids are older, talk to them about the cost of dental care and go into details about how much the family stands to save with good oral hygiene. Talk to them about how good oral hygiene will reduce dental insurance premiums. You could also discuss the family budget and what the money saved could be used for.

Tell your kids about the procedures they expect at the dentist’s clinic. If the procedure to be performed is not extraction or a root canal, tell the kids that they will not feel any pain at all. If the procedure is an extraction or a root canal, explain to your kids that anaesthesia will be used. Tell your kids that the family dentist is friendly and he/she will do his/her level best to ensure there is no discomfort.

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