Family Dentist Qualities | Silverman Family Dentistry

What to Look For in a Family Dentist


It’s important to look for a family dentist who has undergone advanced dental training from an accredited university.

If performing dental surgery, the dentist should have a degree in dental surgery. Our dental surgeons, Dr. Stuart Silverman, Dr. Marc Silverman and Dr. Rick Silverman, have obtained degrees in dental surgery.

Comfort Level

Look for a dentist who makes you feel comfortable. An important part of every dental appointment should be the explanation of what is going to take place during the treatment or appointment. The dentist should also answer any questions you may have. The procedure shouldn’t feel rushed, and the dentist should not treat you like just another number.


Look for a dentist who is good with children. Experience with treating children and knowing how to communicate effectively is important. For many, the fear of going to the dentist starts at childhood, but if you have a good dentist, chances of that fear developing are much slimmer.

Latest in Technology

Look for a dentist who has been trained and is capable in the latest dental technology. This is important for a number of reasons, including cosmetic surgery, comfort, proper dental procedure and ‘best practices’. Finding a dental practice that offers the most updated dental equipment and solutions will better serve your family in so many ways!


Try to find a dentist who is readily available. You should be able to book a regular dental appointment within 3 weeks.

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