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Use Cosmetic Dentistry for Confidence

Michael Jackson said to “start with the man in the mirror.” However, many people avoid the mirror because it does not help their self-image. Some adopt the philosophy that they will accept the cards they have been dealt and work on their inner beauty. This is a worthy pursuit, but unfortunately many people will never take the time. For better or for worse, people often avoid getting to know the inner person if they do not like the wrapper. This subtle, long-term rejection can wear on a person’s ego. Happily, a person today can do something about it. For many, an excellent step to improving appearance, and in turn social confidence, is to improve their smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Why the Need for Cosmetic Dentistry?

One person wrote that you can read the life in a person’s face by his or her wrinkles. A dentist responded that you can read life in the teeth as well. Popcorn nuts, jerky, and the appropriately-name jawbreakers can chip or damage teeth. Food, cigarette smoke, and coffee can discolor the teeth. Most people with normal wear and tear never did expect to have a 1000-Watt Olivia Newton-John smile. Normal teeth do not necessarily look bad … they just look okay. Cosmetic dentistry can take that normal, unremarkable smile and turn it into a show-stopper. Those who have taken advantage of teeth repair and whitening compare the feeling of wearing their new smile to driving around the neighborhood in a shiny, new sports car.

What Is Involved?

A cosmetic dentist employs the following procedures:

Zoom whitening process

Your dentist will tailor the process to best match your teeth.


Let Silverman Family Dentistry show you the benefits of a well-designed course of cosmetic dentistry. Those who only need teeth whitening can experience as much as an eight-shade improvement after a single visit. Others who need teeth repair finish their treatment with beautiful teeth that they could never imagine having. Our patients often say that the greatest benefit to the treatment is the great feeling of confidence they now have in social situations.

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