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Marc Silverman and family Dr. Marc Silverman Dr. Marc Silverman was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from Wyoming High School. He left Cincinnati in 1981 to attend Indiana University. After three years at Indiana, Dr. Marc was accepted into The Ohio State University College of Dentistry where he completed his degree in 1988. He returned to Cincinnati to join his father in his growing dental practice. Dr. Marc is the Esthetic Dental Director of the Columbus Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry located in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Marc believes that D.D.S. stands for Dental Day Spa. He enjoys pampering his patients before during and after treatment. He met his wife Julie in 1990 and was married one year later. They have three children: Janie, Emma and Noah. In Dr. Marc's spare time you can find him at the Japanese Karate Do training. He received his Black Belt in Shotokan Karate in December of 2004. He is currently a Nidan or second degree black belt and is an instructor/student at the Japanese Karate Do.

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