At present, the extensive fluoride enhancement in our drinking water, toothpaste, and dental materials have made tooth surfaces harder and more resistant to decay than ever before.

Diagnodent Still, even with rigorous mouth hygiene, cavities can sneak in. Diagnosing these cavities can be challenging due to the microscopic nature of the defects in the surface enamel, and the problems can extend to the weaker parts of the tooth beneath the surface. Silverman Family Dental uses the cutting edge to identify even the smallest decay in its earliest stages.

The Diagnodent system is part of an exciting new generation of dental equipment. The process employs laser light of a defined wavelength to help detect and quantify broken down tooth substances without x-ray exposure.

A pen sized probe is waved over the tooth surfaces constantly checking the integrity of the tooth surface. Older methods only check the outer surface of the tooth, and many problems originate further inside the tooth structure. This tool can detect problems more accurately and assertively than traditional methods and the best part, it is completely pain free.

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Dental diagnosis example B

It is our goal to help you maintain or improve your oral health. The that our patients and their families receive in our office always includes state of the art equipment.

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